IT WAS SO HOT IN SUMMER IN SOCHI Воспитание в Сочи 6.25 желтая

It was so hot in summer in Sochi, that the inhabitants of the town didn't need fuel at all. The roof of our house became so hot, that if in the morning Granny put a saucepan with some water and sorrel, just now picked, in the attic, to the dinner the green soup was ready. Some eggs were cooking in the other saucepan.

If the weather was a bit cooler, with wind, it could happen that the chickens hatched without having time to be cooked, and soared from the window of the attic just into the neighboring yard. Then our neighbors cooked chicken broth, and we had only soup with shell.

The Sun burned so, especially in July, that even if Granny confiscated Grandfather's matches, it didn't prevent him a bit from smoking secretly, – it was enough in the noon to poke a pipe, filled with tobacco, out of a window, and the tobacco began smoking without any magnifying glass.

Once in such time I decided to water Granny's roses, but, fortunately, the water from the hose was evaporating in the air without reaching the plants, otherwise the smart flowers would turn into the waste of drunken rose tea. But plums, watered in such time, falling from the branches, at once turned into compote, - you only had to hold the hose in one hand and a wide saucepan in the other.

It is said, the shepherds in the mountains in such weather, defending from the heat, wore fur-coats and caps. But the girls in the town were dressed so, that the fur-coats for the winter were, at least, promised them, if not ensured. It's true – you needn't wear fur-coats in winter in Sochi; only hats and umbrellas, at the most.

From the other side - who will fulfill in the other cities what was promised in Sochi, in addition, in a fit of temper?

So, young men, going to Sochi, don't forget to take hats with you, as well as dark glasses and other protecting details of the man's dress.

You can recommend an analogous complete set to the ladies too.